Our Facility

Built in 1989, our 95,000 sq. ft. state of the art processing facility was named the new plant of the year in March, 1990 by Food Engineering and a model site by Butler Builders. The facilities were designed by Hansen, Hansen, and Johnson Construction, Inc. of Sumner, WA.

Due to the geological composition of the Pacific Northwest, the plant was constructed to meet earthquake-resistant Seismic Zone 3 standards. Originally built to exceed the high standards and specifications of the dairy industry, it remains a showcase surimi seafood processing plant. Shining Ocean moved into its present facility and started processing here in January 2003.

“I have eaten both and want to let you know the reason I enjoy them so much is because they smell and taste fresh and sweet. Furthermore, their texture is firm, not mushy. I don't think anyone could ask for more than that. I have eaten other, similar products and none of them compare. Thanks for being so quality-oriented.”

- Sendah, Rancho Mirage, CA


“I have been buying the crab flavored flakes at the Harps store on Thayer, Missouri, and I wanted you to know how good I think your product is! Much better than the other leading contenders because it has close to the same texture as the real thing. Thanks for an amazing product!”

- Tami, Mammoth Spring, AR

 “My friend served a salad containing KANIMI and it was superb!”

- Barbara, FL