About Shining Ocean

The Cutting Edge Of Innovation In Surimi Seafood

Since 1985 Shining Ocean has been a leader in the surimi seafood business. Since the beginning the name Kanimi has been an indicator of quality. Some things do not change. From our original Kanimi brand to Seafarer and Crab Smart Natural, the Kanimi logo has always meant that we sweat the details.

Shining Ocean is also known for introducing innovative new products into the market place. We pioneered the healthy surimi trend. Among our innovations are the first branded retail product fortified with Omega 3 fish oil, the first retail product to use no phosphate surimi with all natural flavors, and the first to color our surimi with lycopene, made from tomatoes.

Shining Ocean brands can be found nationwide on supermarket shelves and our unique formulas are in many of the pre-made seafood salads and sushi rolls offered in delis and restaurants throughout the country.


When I tasted your sample of the seafood salad I was surprised, truly.  The taste of seafood salad is usually limp, so-so, and sometimes just not there.  This salad was absolutely marvelous.  I used more adjectives than that when describing it to friends. I will make the drive of 84 miles to get my supply of the perfect seafood salad. Thanks again.

 Margaret B - Lake Charles, LA

This is my first time trying your Crab Flavored Seafood Flakes, and they are AMAZING!! Best I've ever had and I've tried a lot of brands...just wanted you to know, your products are fantastic. I've told everyone I know! lol

 Nettie S - Clinton, KY